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just for the record…

We have all these weights written on a piece of paper, but I wanted to get them somewhere more permanent. Or at least easier to find…

Date Age Weight Location
7/21, Wed birth 9lb 3oz Hospital
7/23, Fri 2 days 8lb 8oz Doc’s office, naked
7/25, Sun 4 days 8lb 11oz midwife at home, in diaper
7/29, Thur 8 days 9lb 3oz midwife’s office, clothed
8/4, Wed 2 weeks 10lb 11oz Doc’s office, clothed
8/12, Thur 3 weeks 1 day 11lb 8oz midwife’s office, clothed
8/17, Tue 3 weeks 6 days 12lb 9oz Doc’s office, clothed
8/26, Thur 5 weeks 1 day 14lb 5oz Birth Center mom’s group, clothed
9/2, Thur 6 weeks 1 day 15lb midwife’s office, naked
9/17, Fri 8 weeks 2 days 16lb 9oz Doc’s office, naked


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