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One Year Old

We had Ben’s one year doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. He weighed in at 30lbs 12oz, and measured 32.25″ long. (Or tall. When do we start talking height instead of length?) Anyway, still big. Still way off the charts, but at least he’s maintaining his own curve quite nicely. And the doctor was happy with all his developmental milestones.

Speaking of which, here’s a little summary of what he can do as a just-turned-one-year-old:

  • He walks very steadily. He even sometimes walks places we need to go, as long as we’re not in a hurry.
  • He can finally get up to standing from the middle of the floor. No more crawling.
  • He knows where his bellybutton is and can point to it if I ask him.
  • He waves bye-bye. Sometimes even if noone is leaving.
  • He claps and grins when you say “good job!” or “Yay!”
  • He points to trees and says “dee?”
  • He brings you books and expects you to read them to him.
  • He brings you the diaper bag and expects you to feed him the snacks that we keep in it.
  • He dances to music. Some music, at least.
  • He babbles a lot. Few words, but lots of intonation and expression.
  • He still tries to put everything his mouth. Except some types of food which belong on the floor.
  • He loves drinking water and gets very excited when I offer it to him at the end of a meal. And then he takes a few sips and throws it on the floor too.
  • He’s starting to feed himself with a spoon, occasionally.
  • He can sort of throw a ball. Well, sometimes it goes forward and sometimes backward, but he’s getting the idea.

He’s a really cheerful little guy most of the time. He has a wonderful variety of laughs and giggles and cackles, and he makes us very happy. This has been such a fantastic year!

Here are some more pictures from July – from before and after his birthday. This one’s a fairly long album. Some from around the house, playing with our bedroom curtains (he’s been fascinated with those since he was tiny – he used to just stare at them when he was only weeks old!), the joint birthday party for all the playgroup kids, and some more from the zoo – we took Grandma and Grandpa while they were visiting.

pictures from july

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Happy First Birthday!

Thursday was Ben’s first birthday! Ben celebrated by refusing to take a nap all afternoon, but he was surprisingly happy despite the lack of sleep.

Grandma and Grandpa Soroos arrived in the afternoon and we had some cake, which Ben seemed to enjoy immensely. He even managed to actually eat some of it! After he got cleaned up (and boy, did he need cleaned up!), we opened presents. He got lots of cool new toys to keep him entertained.

The album below is all birthday photos. I have some other recent ones to post in the next few days. Sorry for the lack of recent updates – we’ve been having computer problems. Hopefully we’re back to regular new photo-sharing now, though.

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