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Some more catching up. Pictures from several trips to the zoo, visiting friends, more eating, goofy walking and dancing.

Pictures from September

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Summer Catchup

It’s been a busy couple of months! I have a lot of photos to catch up on.

Here’s a start:

We went to the wading pools a lot this summer. Ben really got accustomed to the water and started having a lot of fun. Some pictures from one day towards the end of July.

Ben’s grandparents (Eric’s parents) were here at the end of July. Ben had lots of fun going for walks and reading books with them. Pictures of their visit.

And of course there was lots of photo-taking just around the house and Seattle, as there always is. We had a brief visit from Aunt Cindy, although we didn’t get any good pictures. We went to see the Blue Angels while she was here, Ben loved that. Some pictures from the end of July/beginning of August.

In the middle of August, we went to Chicago for a weekend to meet some of my friends from the online messageboard, who all have babies around Ben’s age. We spent a day at the zoo, and on the Saturday night had a “party” in one of the hotel suites. Ten adults, seven one-year-olds. Chaos! But lots of fun. Pictures of Ben and the other babies (warning – this is a long album! 42 pictures).

After that, we rented a car and drove to Iowa to visit some family for a week. Eric’s mom met us there for a couple of days, and we went to the Iowa State Fair. We got to spend a lot of time with Great Grandma Peg, and Eric’s Uncle Phil and Aunt Judy. We went swimming nearly every day – there’s a wonderful toddler pool there and Ben really had fun in the water (sorry, no pictures of that). Pictures of Iowa.

That’s it for now. More catching up later. And I promise to put some pictures on the home page next time.