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Hiking and Pumpkin Picking

Weekend before last, we bought a new backpack to carry Ben in, and immediately went for a hike down to the beach at Discovery Park. It was one of the last warm beautiful days of summer. Ben had a great time looking for sticks and stones and trying to eat the sand.

hike to the beach

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Then last weekend, we went to a pumpkin patch with some friends from Everett, and Ben got to run (well, stumble) around in a pumpkin field while we picked out some lovely pumpkins to carve, cook, and just leave on the porch for decoration. We bought him new boots for the occasion (they’re dinosaurs). There were lots of interesting things for the kids, besides the pumpkins. A goat bridge, a hay house, a tire (tyre) horsey barn… I think Ben enjoyed himself.

pumpkin picking

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