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November, Part One

Ben has become quite the climber lately. He scales chairs and then gets on the table. Or he starts with the coffee table and heads for the stereo… this could get very, very bad. We’re keeping him away from the bookcase!

He’s also starting to really be able to communicate! He signs milk, more, and water. Politely and consistently and demandingly. And the list of words that he says is suddenly growing. His repertoire now includes:

  • shoe
  • tat (cat)
  • googal (Dougal the cat. Or Google? Hmm.)
  • car
  • up
  • down (kinda sorta)
  • happy (but I don’t think he knows what it means)
  • yeah, yah, da (all mean yes)
  • no
  • buh-bye
  • mummy
  • dada
  • bapf (bath)
  • hot
  • hat

That’s all I can think of right now. He doesn’t pronounce them all perfectly, but they’ve all been said repeatedly and with enough consistency that we are sure he knows what they mean. Except happy. We’re not sure he knows what happy means, but he goes around chanting it sometimes. 🙂

Here are some more pictures from around the house, the park, the beach. And signing.

November Vol 1

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Halloween 2005

And here is our little knight in shining armor.

halloween 2005

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Some Miscellaneous Pictures from October

Yet more zoo pictures (think we’re getting our money’s worth from our membership?), photos of Ben’s new armchair, and lots of pictures that are a direct result of mom taking a photography class last month. Ben was a very popular subject on field trips! 🙂

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the Halloween costume – the Knight of the Order of the Carrot. He wore it on three different occasions!

october pictures

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