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December, Grandma and Grandpa, Christmas

December was a busy month! Ben is learning so many things so quickly these days. He’s fascinated by cameras, so we’ve given him my first old digital camera. He even almost knows what to do with it. 😉

Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Cindy visited for Christmas and Ben had lots of fun with yet more new playmates. He learned to say “gramma” and made a pretty good attempt at “dindy.” He learned that grandparents and aunts just can’t resist the word “UP!!?”

He did have fun opening presents on Christmas Day, although it took three sessions to get through all of his. It was hard to have to keep distracting him from new toys so he could open the next one – he wanted to just be able to play with some of them. He got lots of great stuff – books, wooden puzzles and blocks, duplo trains, cars, a music cube, a bead maze… the list goes on. Thanks to everyone!

And of course, he has new words:

  • Gramma (seems to mean *any* grandparent at times)
  • ball
  • uggk (means hug. SO sweet! He also gives kisses!)
  • guck (truck)
  • tactor (tractor)
  • book
  • cacker (cracker)
  • wawk (means fork)
  • moon
  • cup

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Granny and Granda Come to Visit

The second half of November was lots of fun because Granny and Granda came to visit, all the way from Northern Ireland. They were here for (almost) two weeks, and Ben really had a great time with these new playmates. 🙂

He suddenly learned a bunch of new words, and also started demonstrating a much better understanding of things we say to him. We can now completely change the subject of his focus just by suggesting something. Sometimes, at least. If our suggestion sounds fun. Like, for example, when he was playing with his Legos (thanks, Uncle Steven!) and someone would innocently suggest he take off Granda’s socks. He *liked* that game. Well, Ben did. Not sure about Granda.

New words include:

  • booty (for veggie booty, puffed cereal snack)
  • naaak (for snacks, crackers)
  • cookie (umm, guess 🙂 )
  • out
  • coat
  • goat
  • chair
  • cheese
  • nigh-nigh
  • OK
  • alright
  • eye (while trying to poke mine out)
  • nose

And he can moo like a cow, woof like a dog, roar like a lion, quack like a duck and neigh like a horse. Sometimes. Sometimes he gets them mixed up. And sometimes he MOOOOOOs at the moon. But it’s OK, he’s still learning.

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