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Ben got a haircut

Finally. It’s been 6 months, I think! And boy did he need it.

I used to cut his hair when he was sleeping. When he was little, I could lay him down on a pad on the floor once I got him to sleep, and just clip clip clip and he’d sleep through it, oblivious.

No more. On two or three separate occasions over the last two months, I’ve tried that same approach. He wakes up the second he touches the floor. After completely losing naps those days, I gave up. The last time I attempted it was last Monday. When I realized he wasn’t taking a nap, I set him up, naked, in his booster seat in front of a Baby Einstein DVD and went to it. It worked even better! And he got a bath out of the deal too! And the only way I could bribe him out of the bath was to remind him that he could finish watching his DVD!

Here’s the new haircut (cranky looking because it was near bedtime on a no-nap day):


18 months old

Saturday was Ben’s 18 month birthday. It’s hard to believe he’s already a year and a half old, and at the same time, it’s sometimes hard to believe he’s *only* a year and a half.

He’s still learning lots of new words every day. I counted them recently, in anticipation of being asked by the doctor at his 18 month appointment, and he has over 60 words that he uses consistently enough that we know he knows the meaning. Most of them might not make sense to anyone but us, but he is communicating! 😉

This is who Ben is at 18 months:

  • He has a funny little run, and he loves to race down the hall and flop onto his bed.
  • He tries to put socks on, but hasn’t quite figured out how that works (except that, somehow, they go on his feet).
  • He eats anything we eat. He particularly loves kalamata olives, spicy brown mustard and raw mushrooms.
  • He LOVES books and will demand several of his favorites by name. His name for it might not be the official name, but he knows which one he wants.
  • He loves taking showers with daddy and washing his hands at the sink.
  • He’s getting his first set of molars – one is well through, one is halfway through, one is only just poking through, and the final one is going to appear any day now.
  • He likes to drink from an open cup at the table. And then he likes to pour it all over himself. Water is just *fun* right now.
  • He can use a fork fairly well, and sort of use a spoon.
  • He gives lots of hugs to us, and occasionally to one of his playmates.
  • He’s learning to use a potty.

Sorry there haven’t been many new photos lately, it seems that we’ve been slacking. Or taking more pictures of scenery than Ben <gasp>. So, naturally, we decided to remedy that, and we celebrated his 18 month birthday by taking lots and lots of pictures of him: a few at home, and then a bunch at the Locks.

Here are some of the best, without captions because I wasn’t feeling imaginative.

18 months

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New Words

  • shalchscha (salsa)
  • bike
  • inku (thank you, unprompted, at appropriate times)
  • yight
  • gamra (camera )
  • all gone
  • bum
  • potty
  • dapper (jasper)
  • cat (as opposed to dougal/google)
  • tea (was dee)
  • ban (van)
  • ands (which means “hands” and is usually uttered while pointing at the sink because he wants to wash his hands)
  • home

And Ben. He finally sort of says his name!


More new words

These newest ones seem big to me — they’re words that he doesn’t need to communicate verbally because he knows the signs.

Yesterday he started saying milk. Or, more precisely, “maink.” But he means milk, because he signs it at the same time or points to the source.

Today we were reading books and when we finished one, he said gain. I always ask him “again?” but he has always just signed “more”. And now he says gain.

More pictures coming soon….