Our Iowa Trip 2006

We spent the last week of July in Iowa, visiting Ben’s great-grandma and other family members. It was really hot while we were there, up to 105° on the last day, so we spent a lot of time indoors. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

We visited the local county fair where Ben got to see and climb on lots of tractors, and where we saw the Phils (Eric’s uncle and cousin) in their car and truck races. Ben loved that – he sat happily to watch them for nearly 3 hours! Of course, crashes, car fires, fire trucks, tow trucks and cars that had bits falling off made it all very interesting for a little boy.

We also watched (and chased) the Balloon Classic Mass Ascension (more photos on Eric’s site), saw the parade, spent a lovely day at Phil and Judy’s lake house, and just generally enjoyed hanging out with family. Ben had fun with his two second cousins, Lance (3) and Anna (1). The boys had a very serious conversation about tractors at one point.

This album is a little longer than recent ones, sorry. (17 pictures, not too bad.)
our iowa trip 2006

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