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Random recent faces and words

Ben’s vocabulary and speech in general has improved enormously over the last few months. He can form correct sentences, is learning to use “my” and “I” at the appropriate times, and likes to repeat any new word he hears us say until he knows it. But he still has quite a few cute mispronunciations that we love and will miss terribly when he gives them up:

  • pay-liff — play with
  • die-sa-saur — dinosaur
  • gerbital — convertible (as in car — like daddy’s red car)
  • lass right — that’s right
  • lezberry — raspberry
  • mank — milk
  • heli-hoppiter — helicopter
  • bulldodoze — bulldozer

And of course he has a very expressive face. These are just a few recent goofy/happy/sad faces.

Random recent faces

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First day of Preschool

Ben started a toddler class at our local co-op preschool on Monday. He’ll be going two mornings a week, and I’ll go one morning a week. He seemed to enjoy himself. We’re also going to do a Parent/Toddler group at the Waldorf School one morning a week. Going to be busy!

Of course, we had to get the requisite “leaving for the first day of school” pictures…

first day of preschool

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Labor Day Weekend

Just a few random pictures from the past week.

We picked, washed, (ate) and cooked LOTS of blackberries this weekend. It was fun, Ben particularly loved the picking and eating parts (as evidenced by the color of his face afterwards), and we found the making and canning of jam very satisfying. Ben was only mildly interested in that part, but he certainly seems to enjoy *eating* the jam.

labor day weekend

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