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Passport Photos and Smiling

We’re getting ready to apply for a passport for Timothy, and we decided to have Eric try to take the pictures himself at home. Our experience with Ben, while not terrible, was fairly frustrating. They were able to do infant shots, but it wasn’t really their specialty. And getting a small infant with his eyes open, looking at the camera, not crying… well, it was challenging and the resulting photo that met the technical specifications isn’t remotely flattering. πŸ˜‰ He only has it for five years though.

So, I think Eric got a shot or two that should work. But Timothy chose tonight to decide that he should smile for the camera. Which of course is not what the passport people want. He’s been smiling at us here and there for a little while, mostly responding to our smiles. Tonight it was totally unsolicited, though, which made it that much more fun.

Here are a few cute photos that won’t work for official documentation.

smily T

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The Soroos Boys

A few more recent photos of both our boys. πŸ™‚



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One Month

Timothy was one month old on Tuesday. Of course, it’s flown past, and he’s changed so much already — mostly, he’s grown. πŸ™‚ At our midwife appointment on Tuesday afternoon he was weighed.

12lbs 10oz. At 4 weeks.

Of course, Ben was 12lbs 9oz at 3 weeks 6 days, so it’s not exactly unexpected. Looks like Timothy is definitely growing like Ben did.

One month

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Snow! Again!

Timothy saw his first snow last week. It started on Wednesday morning, and by that evening we had about 4 inches. School was cancelled again on Thursday. We all went out to play while it was snowing, even Timothy. He was very well bundled up, but still only out for about 5 minutes. Ben and Dad built a great huge snowman with a very unusual head. πŸ™‚

And yesterday, the temperature was 70ºF. Crazy weather.


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Baby pictures

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