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Growing up

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Quarter birthday and Matching Boys

Today Timothy turned 3 months old. In the last couple of weeks he has gained a lot of head control and shown a lot of personality. He smiles often, laughs at us, coos and chirps and makes all sorts of delightful baby noises, and still sleeps pretty well, at least at night. He’s fascinated with his big brother and loves to watch everything he does, making daytime sleep somewhat less appealing. He’s starting to watch what we eat with interest already, but he’s got 3 more months to wait before he gets to try some, which Ben loves to gleefully remind him of at each mealtime. A couple of days ago he rolled over from tummy to back for the first time, making tummy time harder to enforce. He’s been trying his hardest to roll from back to tummy, too, but hasn’t quite made it past his side. He weighs probably a little over 17lbs, significantly less than Ben did, although still on the high end of all the growth charts.

To celebrate the quarter birthday, we took some pictures of the boys together, in their one and only matching outfit.

matching boys

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Think they’re related?

Benjamin, 3 months
Timothy, 3 months

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