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Spent a little time at the beach by the marina in Langley yesterday. Just playing with the sand. And one of us was eating it. 😉



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Lunchtime Conversation

Dad: That’s a bigger piece of quesadilla than normal.

Ben: What did you say, Daddy?

Dad: Space aliens have stolen my walrus.

Mum:  snorts with laughter and nearly spits out lunch.

Ben: No.

Ben: You still have your walrus. It’s just sleeping.

Dad and Mum:  snort with laughter.

(The silly answer is because Ben asks this question a million times a day. It gets tiring repeating the same thing over and over. So maybe we’ll try being more creative. It’s amusing, at least.)

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Ben turned three years old on Saturday. We had a big birthday party with lots of kids, lots of adults, and lots of beachballs. We had hoped to have suitable weather for filling the inflatable pool and expected the beachballs to be flung around the yard along with much splashing. Unfortunately, just as we laid out the last bit of food, the rain started, so we moved it all inside. The beachballs got flung around the house instead, causing much screaming and laughter and general chaos. It was fun anyway. The rain didn’t last too long so we were able to get outside for the cake. Ben had a great day.

We weren’t good about getting photos during the party, sorry. Too busy socializing and playing. 🙂 But there’s one of the cakes (blue was wheat/dairy free, others were normal chocolate cake), and then a bunch of pics of our brand new three-year-old.

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Timothy gets a month older

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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in Ireland, North and South. We’re behind, so there’s one big album of the pictures


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