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I finally finished Timothy’s quilt on Friday night. Just in time to enter it as an exhibit in the Island County Fair! We’ll get it back in a week to actually start using.

T's Quilt

The green and blue fabric is little hippos, and the blue with orange and green on it is elephants. The others are all just random patterns.

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Six Months

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6 Months Today!

Little T is getting bigger.  I can’t believe he’s six months old already.

He can sit up totally unassisted for long periods. He’s trying desperately to crawl, but so far that just means he pushes himself backwards until he runs into something. He’s really trying to get his knees up under him, though, and I don’t expect it will be long before he figures it out. I’ve seen him up on toes and hands a couple of times. He loves to stand, holding onto our hands or in one of the various standing-baby devices we have.  When he’s holding onto us, he even takes steps and wanders around.  He’s babbling a lot, different sounds and with lots of intonations. He laughs a lot. He loves watching his big brother — one of the sweetest things about being a mum of two is seeing his little face light up and a smile appear just at the sight of Ben. Ben is still being a great big brother, loves to hold and cuddle Timothy, and often tells us what a nice baby he is. Occasionally, of course, he pushes him over or tries to drag him around by the foot, but I suppose that’s standard fare for being brothers… and at some point, Timothy will start fighting back. 🙂

Six month pictures to be taken later today, I’ll try to get them up tonight or tomorrow.

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Today we met some of our preschool friends at one of the parks near us. Beautiful sunny day, with a nice breeze from the water. Ben decided to fly to “real Florida.”


This evening, we decided to let Timothy try some mango. He’s been desperately trying to grab our plates and our food for a month now, so much that it makes eating very difficult if you’re trying to hold him. We’ve let him have tiny tastes of a couple of things so far, and given him some food to play with on his high chair tray (banana slices are fun to mush! but not to eat! and green beans are great to gum!) but tonight we put a couple of chunks of frozen mango in the Baby Safe Feeder. Love that thing! He was able to hold on to it, shove it in his mouth and get the flavor and juice through the net bag, but no danger of choking. His first reaction wasn’t real sure, but then he seemed to get quite into it.

Tim eating mango

And lastly, a short video clip of Timothy babbling. He’s actually regularly saying both “mamamamama” and “dadadadada” — but he doesn’t quite appear to have meaning attached to them yet. 😉

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