Water Park Adventures

Ben loved it. Timothy was not so sure.

IMG_3288 IMG_3325

Ben loved floating around the Lazy River on a double inner tube with Eric. Looks like quite the regal ride, huh?

IMG_3292 IMG_3298


Timothy was… OK about it as long as he was on me and we didn’t get caught in the wave pool (which we did) and we didn’t get dripped on (which we also did). See that cave in the picture above of Eric and Ben? Dripping, all along the cave wall, a good half of the width of the river. A fan of the dripping, he was not.

IMG_3344 IMG_3330

These huge green tubes below? Waterslides. Outside the building. Which you go down in those same inner tubes you use in the Lazy River. They start and end inside the waterpark and they’re totally enclosed and comfortable. They’re really swirly and wet, but not too fast. Ben’s reaction to his first go (on a double tube with Dad again): “That was FUN.”

Above photo is from the website of the Radisson Hotel, attached to the Waterpark, since I neglected to take any of the outside myself and trying to describe this without a picture is… not as easy. Oooh! They also have a picture of inside the slide!

And this watery blur is Eric landing back inside in the pool at the bottom of the slide. Despite the fun verdict and numerous pleas from mama-with-a-camera, Ben refused to go one more time for a photo.


This picture is some totally random dude, not Eric, but Eric did try this. Boogie boarding — surfing on your stomach with a half-length board while the water is pushing you uphill, a bunch of people are standing watching, and you’re trying to retain your balance and dignity. (Dignity which most of them lost as soon as they stood up and had to hitch their shorts back up.)


It was fun. We basically spent as many hours as we could there, given our one night stay and the opening hours of the park. If we ever have a need to spend a night in or near Minneapolis again, I’m pretty sure I know where we’ll stay….

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