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Two weeks ago, it was still summer. So on a Tuesday afternoon when our swimming lesson was cancelled because the instructor was sick, we headed to the beach instead.

IMG_5119 IMG_5127

We started out mostly playing in the sand, with driftwood, and paddling in the shallow water.

IMG_5130 IMG_5138

But pretty soon there was splashing and sitting and reaching down and falling in. And the t-shirts came off.

The weather was warm, the water not so much. But the kids didn’t care. (I suppose it wasn’t too cold, really. If you’re 4.)

IMG_5157 IMG_5169

Ben was running and JUMPING into the water. He was getting soaked and making big splashes and having a great time.

IMG_5156 IMG_5167

Timothy was stomping around, investigating what was on the bottom. Picking up sand and rocks (YOCK!) and dropping them. Conducting very important scientific experiments, you know.


It was a great alternative to a swim lesson!

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