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Big Brother

This morning, during breakfast, Ben disappeared into the kitchen and we heard a bunch of clattering about, and the fridge door opening and closing. I went in to see what he was up to, assuming he was pouring himself a glass of milk.

He was pouring Timothy a bottle of milk. Because Timothy said “Yum.”

Isn’t that sweet?

And then he told me I should write about it on my blog. So I am.

(Next post will be pictures of our recent trip to N. Ireland and Spain.)

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Goodbye Aunt Cindy

Eric’s sister, the boys’ Aunt Cindy, passed away at the end of September. She took her own life. It was sudden and completely unexpected.

We are very very sad that the boys won’t grow up knowing her. She always sent the best books for the kids.

We will miss her.

Memories of Cindy.

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