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Nathaniel Julian

Two and a half weeks: a few more pictures and a name.



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Nathaniel had a rough second week of life, when we discovered he had a fever at 8 days old during a routine midwife appointment. We were sent to the ER, and discovered both his breathing and heartrate were too fast. Blood tests, urine sample, a chest x-ray, and he was admitted. He was given IV antibiotics, and over the course of the next 4 days had many more blood draws, two more chest x-rays, a spinal tap, an antiviral added to the IV, an ambulance transfer to Children’s Hospital in Seattle, and ultimately he recovered and we have no diagnosis. Some unidentified virus. It was traumatic for everyone (the first nights I’ve ever spent away from either of the older boys), but we’re home, he’s well, and we will all recover. And we are grateful for the amazing support and help we received from our community of friends.





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