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Lying on the floor, working on writing.


Timothy’s actually getting pretty good at tracing letters!




Nathaniel has reached another baby developmental milestone:


He can get his toe in his mouth. 🙂


Important, that.



One day while Ben was at school, Timothy decided to play picnic in the living room. I needed to do something and set Nate down to watch.


I didn’t realise he was old enough to join in games like this already, but Timothy was handing him stuff and he was eating it, so I guess he knows how to play! 🙂

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Timothy seems to have something of an obsession about Africa at the moment. Several times every day, he tells us he wants to go to Africa. In a boat. A motor boat.

One day, after drawing squares and rectangles and Ts on the mini Etch-a-Sketch, and showing us each creation, he suddenly said he’d drawn Africa.


And it may be upside-down and back-to-front, but I think it’s a darn good job for a not-quite-3 year old!

Below is the same image, just flipped vertically.


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At the Park


Nate’s first time on a swing! He seemed to enjoy it — had a great big grin on his face before I could get the camera out.


Tim loves swinging, as high as possible.


And Ben climbing. He got quite high up on this thing and was very proud of himself.


Nathaniel at 4 months

These photos were taken just before Christmas.











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Ben is reading. We started with the SRA/Distar reading course of Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and about 100 days later, he’s done. It worked well, far beyond my expectation of what was possible.

So, today we took Ben to the library and got him a library card. He chose a book, sat down and read it to us. Then another. He checked those out, and a couple more to read at home.

He’s pretty much 100% on the Level 1 books, and I think that he’ll make a good dent in the level 2 books that we grabbed. His spoken vocabulary is huge, so it’s mainly a matter of decoding the written words — there’s not a lot in these books that he hasn’t heard before. I’m really curious to see where we actually are at the end of the lessons, and how long it’s going to be before he’s reading essentially at the level that we read to him.