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Kite Festival

Tim and Ben Flying Kites:
Tim and Ben Flying Kites

Ben and Nate Flying Kites:
Ben and Nate Flying Kites

Ben Watching:

Ben Watching

Tim making a kite:
Tim making a kite

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The, umm, damage?, or, ah, improvements? after the recent painting extravaganza:


And the new dining room decor we ended up with:


Definitely a good thing.

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Finger paints. Focus. Messy. Wash hands, touch paint, wash hands, touch paint. Repeat. Paint on the bathroom door. More paint! Touch each other’s work. Smoooooosh.




Our local library system is co-sponsoring a program where they will be framing pieces of local kids’ art and displaying them in local businesses for a month. We used a couple of pieces from this session, since it was recent, and they were both so very very into it for a while.

If we have the opportunity, we’ll try to get photos of their art when it’s framed and displayed!



I finally finished Timothy’s quilt on Friday night. Just in time to enter it as an exhibit in the Island County Fair! We’ll get it back in a week to actually start using.

T's Quilt

The green and blue fabric is little hippos, and the blue with orange and green on it is elephants. The others are all just random patterns.

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We’re off on vacation

Leaving today to visit the grandparents in Northern Ireland. Will try to post pictures from there as we can.

In the meantime, here’s something I’ve been meaning to share for a couple of weeks. I’m making Timothy a quilt, and these are the fabrics I’m using. All that’s left to do is the quilting part, the top is all assembled and it’s pinned together in layers. I had hoped to finish before our trip, but didn’t happen. Ah well. Look for pictures of the finished article soon.

quilt fabrics

Click for a bigger picture.

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The pictures I promised.

The booties.


Front of Ben’s quilt.

front of quilt

It’s hard to see in this photo, but the main patterned fabric is all yellow and green leaves with thin red outlines, and the border and binding are red to match.

Back of Ben’s quilt.

back of quilt

You can see the quilting pattern better here — basically I quilted around each of the leaf squares that doesn’t look like it has a yellow or green border. The fabric is just a really small yellow, red and blue patterned print.

And, of course, the belly at 41 weeks.

41 weeks

View album.

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