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Nathaniel Can Walk

This was last Thursday (took me this long to figure out how to rotate it so you didn’t have to watch it sideways). The week before, we were counting five steps, six steps…. And now he’s even more stable. Definitely walking as his primary mode of movement now.

Nate walking

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Zoo Field Trip


Benjamin feeding a bird in Willawong Station


Timothy feeding a bird in Willawong Station


Nathaniel in the little wooden hut

I had to get some pictures of Nate in the little wooden hut. We have a history here….

Ben in the little wooden hut at about 10 or 11 months

I don’t think we were at the zoo when Timothy was the appropriate age for this, so there are no photos of him as a baby in the little wooden hut. Here’s one from last November though.


Tim in the little wooden hut at age 2.5


Baby at the Beach


Somebody likes eating sand


Why yes, I can look happier. Like this?

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Nate is 8

8 Months

8 Months

8 Months

8 Months

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Little Drummer Boy


I know this stick is supposed go up there.


I’m right, right? And cute too?


Eh, I don’t need the stick.


I’ll just bang with my hand.


Nathaniel 6 month update

He’s rolling both ways with ease, and starting to try to get up on his feet and hands. He clearly knows what to work on next — he’s trying to bend his knees but it upsets his balance and his face ends up in the carpet.

He can sit up for an extended period, although he sometimes launches himself forward after a toy with enough force to land on his face and hurt himself. I don’t remember the others doing that. Flopping backwards or toppling sideways, yes, but not forward over his legs.

I had him sitting in a laundry basket a couple days ago and he managed to pull himself up to standing. Nearly tipped the laundry basket in the process, but I was sitting right beside him. Hard to believe that in just a few months he’ll likely be walking!

We’ve tried offering him food on a few occasions, but despite his passionate efforts to grab food off our plates, he’s not been terribly enthusiastic about the reality of anything on his tongue. He holds his mouth open, his tongue frozen in place, with this funny distressed look on his face. As long as he’s got a spoon, though, he’ll sit happily at the table with us.

He got a new bathtub the other day, an inflatable one that’s easier for him to sit up in, and a softer landing if he tips over. He enjoyed his first use of it so much that he had a massive blowout poo and got a second bath in one day. He was quite pleased with himself.




Nathaniel has reached another baby developmental milestone:


He can get his toe in his mouth. 🙂


Important, that.



One day while Ben was at school, Timothy decided to play picnic in the living room. I needed to do something and set Nate down to watch.


I didn’t realise he was old enough to join in games like this already, but Timothy was handing him stuff and he was eating it, so I guess he knows how to play! 🙂

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At the Park


Nate’s first time on a swing! He seemed to enjoy it — had a great big grin on his face before I could get the camera out.


Tim loves swinging, as high as possible.


And Ben climbing. He got quite high up on this thing and was very proud of himself.


Nathaniel at 4 months

These photos were taken just before Christmas.











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