Kite Festival

Tim and Ben Flying Kites:
Tim and Ben Flying Kites

Ben and Nate Flying Kites:
Ben and Nate Flying Kites

Ben Watching:

Ben Watching

Tim making a kite:
Tim making a kite

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Balancing, Boots and Burning






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Nate and the Breakfast Cereal Adventures


One of Nathaniel’s favorite activities, should we forget to lock the cupboard, is to get out boxes of breakfast cereal and see what mischief he can cause.




Here we see evidence of an almost new box of granola all over the floor, and the culprit sitting happily in the middle of it all.




It’s particularly sweet when he decides to share.




With the cats. Because cats love cornflakes, right?



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Christmas Pictures

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Halloween Pictures


Hawaii Pictures


August and September Pictures


Nathaniel Can Walk

This was last Thursday (took me this long to figure out how to rotate it so you didn’t have to watch it sideways). The week before, we were counting five steps, six steps…. And now he’s even more stable. Definitely walking as his primary mode of movement now.

Nate walking

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Zoo Field Trip


Benjamin feeding a bird in Willawong Station


Timothy feeding a bird in Willawong Station


Nathaniel in the little wooden hut

I had to get some pictures of Nate in the little wooden hut. We have a history here….

Ben in the little wooden hut at about 10 or 11 months

I don’t think we were at the zoo when Timothy was the appropriate age for this, so there are no photos of him as a baby in the little wooden hut. Here’s one from last November though.


Tim in the little wooden hut at age 2.5


Tim and his Hen

Tim chose the Rhode Island Red chickens we got, and he has one rooster and one hen. He likes to carry the hen when we move them to the chicken tractor, because he says “she is mellow in my arms.”


The rooster, not so much.


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